Great Free (Legal) Ways to Listen to Music

From the phonograph, to the Walkman, to the internet, the way we listen to music is constantly changing. Below are some of my favorite free ways to experience it.


While most people are already familiar with internet radio, Pandora is still one of the best ways to listen to and experience new music. The service is based on the Music Genome Project, that finds music based on the characteristics of the song or album that you searched for. Its cool stuff that has helped me find new music and is a staple app on my IPhone.


Spotify is like Grooveshark, except legal, actually organized, and far, far better. I have used the free version for a few months now and I can say that it has changed the way I listen to music. No longer do you have to wonder if you will like an album before buying it, because you can listen to the entire things absolutely for free. Yes, every six songs or so, there is a short one minute ad, but the disruption is minimal and the unlimited freeness too great to not check this out.


I haven’t used this service too much, but it is an interesting idea. The site has a bunch of virtual “rooms” where people take turns DJing music for a virtual crowd of people. Depending on the room, if enough people don’t like your selections, they can boot you. It is the most interactive site of the bunch and a new way of sharing music online.

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  1. Spotify. It’s like Grooveshark, but legal. Happy Monday! Hope you finish your cirque lab on time.

  2. Grooveshark is illegal? Why? Or, more generally, what makes one free music website legal and another illegal? Just curious.

    • My understanding it that Grooveshark does not have the licenses from the labels of the vast majority of artists on its site. The site itself is not illegal, as the Grooveshark people themselves are not uploading the music, but it is considered illegal to listen to it and especially to upload it. It is the equivalent of listening to music on Youtube that is user uploaded, not from the artists (A.K.A. doesn’t say “brought to you by VEVO”). So basically, the artists aren’t paid. Spotify has agreements with all the major labels in the U.S. and pays the artists a “micro payment” every time you play a song.

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